Have you ever thought about hiring a robot? If the answer is no, just picture this: freed up staff, faster table turnover, and improved restaurant experience for your customers. The T5 Automated Restaurant Robot offers a faster speed of service while maintaining quality experience.  

Recently, MSN featured Advanced Hospitality System’s Robot division in an article with Marketing Manager Dan Rivkees, who offered an insight into future of the hospitality industry. 

Keenon Robotics Hospitality Robot brings the atmosphere of restaurant dining to the next level, offering a futuristic and unique feel. As Dan mentions, “the robots become an attraction of sorts”. Bringing an unforgettable element to your business, the Automated Restaurant Robot is sure to bring customers back for a second and third visit.   

Advanced Hospitality Systems’ robot lineup will serve the front-of-house function of your business. Dan further explained that “the robots help simplify restaurant operations, provide a clean and safe environment for customers, and give people more confidence when dining out”. More than this, Dan explains how the “automated robots help speed up service,” naturally improving customer satisfaction.

Instead of replacing jobs, the robots actually create opportunities for employees to allocate their time in more efficient ways. With labor shortage still being a strain on restaurant operation from the pandemic, the T5 Automated Restaurant Robot eliminates the possibility for a high stress environment. Lower labor costs and relieve the issue of staff shortage while improving customer happiness. 

Advanced Hospitality Systems is committed to making sure our customers get the best experience out of their investment, which is why we offer “post-purchase consulting and maintenance”, as Dan mentioned. Live demos are also available for customers to see exactly how the Automated Restaurant Robot will operate in your business. Improve restaurant function, stand out to customers, and bring more traffic to your business!