Running a hotel can be a busy task, between assisting guests and making sure that everything is running smoothly. More than this, your hotel may offer different services for guests such as room service, fitness facilities, or dining halls. AHS Robotics recognizes the importance of time efficiency when operating a business. Considering this, the W3 Hotel Robot may be the perfect addition to your hotel!

The W3 Hotel Robot helps free up staff, assisting with several tasks. Throughout the pandemic, the hospitality industry was greatly affected. As a result, it is possible that your hotel is understaffed. The W3 Hotel Robot is also a great solution to staff shortage. You may ask: how so?

Firstly, the W3 Robot eliminates staff from making several trips delivering room service. Instead, your W3 Robot can make multiple stops, creating a contactless, seamless delivery. More than this, program your robot to make multiple stops on different floors. 

The W3 Hotel Robot can help your hotel run more smoothly by allowing your staff to allocate their attention to other tasks such as customer service. It also gives your staff availability to assist any issues that may arise throughout the day. You never know when a guest may need help for an extended amount of time. The W3 Hotel Robot is a reliable, futuristic, and helpful addition to your hotel!  

The W3 can also function as a guest greeter, ensuring that each guest is welcomed into your hotel. Program your W3 Hotel Robot to greet guests, ask questions, and guide them in the right direction. This creates an engaging, unique, and fun interaction for guests, especially for children. 

Improve the overall function of your hotel today! If you are interested in learning more about the W3 Hotel Robot and its functions, feel free to reach out to!