Picture this: you walk into a hotel and hear a greeting being called in your direction. You look over, and realize this isn’t a person greeting you, it’s something else. It’s the W3 Hotel Robot welcoming you to your stay! Intriguing, huh? Although, the interaction doesn’t have to end there. The W3 is here to deliver room service to guests, deliver takeout orders, and improve guest’s stay! AHS Robotics is motivated to bring the future of hospitality to your business. 

Well, what is the future of hospitality you may ask? 

Time efficiency, high productivity, and seamless operations are some concepts to name a few. Motivate guests to stay at your hotel time and time again. Create an atmosphere they can’t forget and want to experience a second time! 

Moreover, it is no secret that the hospitality industry was greatly impacted by the pandemic. It will take time for hotels to be operating at full force like they were in the pre-pandemic world. However, AHS Robotics wants to help your business get on track to thrive again!

AHS Robotics wants to help your hotel create a more seamless and contactless operation. Allow the W3 Hotel Robot to deliver room service and take-out orders to guests. The W3 is equipped to make multiple stops and interact with guests upon delivery. The W3 also features a fully enclosed compartment for your guest’s meals, keeping them safe and warm.

 In addition, you can run multiple robots at once, as they are equipped with cooperation intelligence. Not only does this solution increase guest’s privacy, but also reduces the amount of face-to-face interaction with staff. 

Help eliminate exposure to Covid-19 for guests and staff. Bring your hotel back to life with the W3 Hotel Robot! If you have any questions or interest regarding the W3 Hotel Robot, please email Contact@AHSRobot.com today!