The pandemic has impacted the hospitality industry in enormous ways. More than this, it will be necessary to adapt to the post-pandemic world. We recognize that people still do not feel comfortable dining out. Considering this, AHS Robotics is thrilled to offer the T5 Restaurant Robot as an adaptable solution in the post-pandemic world. Give customers the confidence to dine out by creating a seamless, contactless experience. 

With the rise of Omicron cases in 2022, restaurants have taken a large hit to their sales. According to Bloomberg, a poll of 1,169 restaurants conducted by the Independent Restaurant Coalition showed that sales “dropped by at least half” for 58% of those polled. We want your business to thrive in the face of adversity, and the T5 can help you achieve that. The T5 Restaurant Robot can bring your business that boost of revitalization that it may need!

You may be thinking: how can the T5 Restaurant Robot give customers more confidence to dine out?

The T5 can serve customers food and drinks without a face-to-face interaction. Boost customer’s confidence by allowing them to take their food and drink from the robot’s tray. Reduce the number of staff coming into contact with customer’s food. In addition, increase personal space for customers by reducing the number of staff coming to their table.

The T5 is also equipped with interactive features, creating a futuristic and unique experience. Customers can enjoy the atmosphere of dining out, while reducing their exposure to Covid-19. Offer customers a refreshing, new concept that they have never seen before! 

AHS Robotics is motivated to bring the future of hospitality to your business. If you are interested in seeing the T5 in action, we invite you to our office in Voorhees, NJ for a demo. Please reach out to to set up an appointment today!