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Dish out high quality food & service by transforming your kitchen.

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Multiple ways to order. One kitchen order flow for you.

Delivery, mobile apps and self-service mean your kitchen is busier and more complex than ever. Getting every order right and sent out fast is the only way to compete. And this is where we help you shine. With NCR Kitchen Operations, every order is routed into the kitchen in the same operational flow—no matter where it was placed, or how customized it is. Now, orders fly out of the kitchen with precision and speed, reducing wait times, delighting guests and bringing them back for more.

How Kitchen Video can transform your restaurant:

Advanced Routing Rules

Keep labor under control with seamless automation.

Accommodate Customized Orders

Cut out the middleman and let your customers place direct orders.

Reduce Wait Times

Your customers are more likely to up-sell themselves without any pressure.

Decrease Paper & Food Waste

Show your community that your business is ahead when it comes to technology.

Reliable Hardware

The highly-visible NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display is a large, LED back-lit LCD touch screen purpose-built for restaurant kitchen environments.

Open Source & Destination

See where orders were placed and which are set for takeout and delivery.

Bin Management

View bulk production items easily to improve performance and speed of service

Accurate Timing

Pass accurate quote times for order timing to mobile apps, online ordering or delivery marketplaces.

Our Featured Kitchen Video Solution

Learn About Aloha Kitchen Video

Aloha Kitchen Video

Aloha Kitchen Video can revolutionize your kitchen operations. Our solution brings together the best-in-class hardware, software, and services you need to deliver on what customers wants, when they want it.

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