Aloha Pulse Real-Time

Real-time mobile cloud reporting, alerts, and analytics.

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Aloha Pulse Real-Time

NCR Pulse Real-Time is a real-time mobile cloud reporting, alerts, and analytics tool that restaurant owners and their management teams use to run their business from their mobile devices. Using your Android or Apple device, you can pull up the app to track and monitor everything in your business, from up-to-the-minute sales information to notification alerts sent when issues require your attention.

Here’s What Comes Included in Your Pulse Plan:

Get Real-Time Data

Aloha Pulse Real-Time gathers live data from sales to labor from the restaurant right to your phone anytime, anywhere.

Check All Your Sites

Multi-units are able to check collective store data for all of their locations.

Comparative Sales

See how your sales stack up compared to yesterday, last week, or last year instantly.

Revealing Reports

Dive into all of your revenue center, day part, hourly and other standard reports.

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