At Advanced Hospitality Systems, we are always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ restaurants. Our team is constantly considering the future of the hospitality industry and what it will look like in the years to come. After a long qualifying process, we are proud to announce our newest division: AHS Automated Robotics. AHS has become the first authorized distributor and service provider for Keenon Robotics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Keenon Robotics is an industry leader for hospitality, disinfection, guide, and hotel robotics. As of 5/2/2022, AHS will be selling and servicing the hospitality and disinfection. We expect to have the guide and hotel robots available by the end of 2022. For now, we want to introduce our customers to what will benefit restaurants the most in the current hospitality climate.

Hospitality Robot

Meet the T5 Hospitality Robot for bars and restaurants.

T5 Hospitality Robot
T5 Hospitality Robot

The evolution of restaurant operations is here. The T5 Delivery Robot provides contactless delivery from your kitchen line to your customers’ tables with this fully automated solutions.

How it Works

Here’s how it works in a few steps:

  1. Order is finalized and placed on expo.
  2. Expediter places food onto food tray.
  3. Expediter selects which table for T5 to deliver to (robot can deliver to multiple tables in one delivery).
  4. T5 uses machine vision learning technology to deliver food to table.
  5. Upon arrival, robot verbally speaks to guests announcing food delivery (it even blinks and winks).
  6. Guests take orders off of tray and press ‘done’ on the robot.
  7. Robot continues to next table or returns to expediter station.
  8. The expediter sends the T5 to pick up dirty dishes once the guest is finished with service. Guest places dirty dishes back on trays.
T5 Machine Vision Learning
T5 Machine Vision Learnin


You can view a video demonstration of the T5 by visiting

Multiple T5's Operating
Multiple T5’s Operating

Benefits of Using the T5

The current state of the hospitality industry is not spectacular. Nearly every part of a restaurant’s business is being affected by labor, COVID, and inflation factors. Here’s a few ways that using the T5 can benefit your business.

Reduce Staffing Issues – Every restaurant now has ‘help wanted’ posts and signs up due to staffing problems. The hospitality labor force has decreased since 2020. The T5 can help plug those service gaps for restaurants having issues with keeping food expediters.

Lower Labor Costs – Implementing a T5 hospitality robot can replace a labor cost or help reallocate labor in your business. The labor cost replacement also means no call-out’s or raise requests from your current food expediters.

Faster Speed of Service – Speed of service is the name of the game in hospitality! Faster service can mean more tables and guests served plus an increase in customer satisfaction.

Futurism – The T5 will make your restaurant standout compared to the competition. Consumers want new experiences and that T5 provides exactly that. Take your restaurant into the future and make it a return destination for new and returning customers.

T5 Closeup

How to Get a T5

AHS Automated Robotics is the only authorized distributor and service provider in the area for the T5 and other Keenon Robots models. Our robots will be available 5/2/22. Pre-orders and inquiries are being accepted through the remainder of April. Contact Dan Rivkees from AHS about our T5 hospitality robot.

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