Focus POS

Hybrid point-of-sale solution for
modern bars and restaurants.


Customize Your POS

Make on the fly programming changes right at the terminal.
Get central cloud reporting tools and capabilities.


Buy Your Way

Buy traditionally, finance, or as-a-service.
Get bundle pricing from Shift4.
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Focus POS

Focus POS table service systems can be configured to support your unique business. Our table service software allows you to provide convenient, customer-centric service from the moment a guest walks in and until their check is paid. Focus helps you manage your restaurant with anytime, anywhere cloud-based reporting.

Point Of Sale Systems

Focus Will Streamline Your Restaurant’s Operations


Focus does not require a back-office server


Make changes from any terminal

Loyalty + Gift Card

Options for no monthly charges


Take orders table-side anywhere with tablets

More Benefits & Solutions with Focus POS

Delivery & Takeout

Assign delivery and takeout orders seamlessly. Integrate with Checkmate for 3rd party delivery applications.

Cloud Reports & Programming

Get live reports right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop! Ditch your back-office server.

Self Order Kiosk

Optimize order taking efficiency with Focus’ customer friendly kiosk. Reduce labor costs and increase accurate order taking.

EMV Ready

EMV ready and PCI compliant. Get great bundle pricing for your business with Shift4. Contact us today for more details.

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Configure and Customize Your Restaurant POS

From promoting the perfect menu and providing great dining experiences to controlling inventory and labor costs, it can be a challenge to operate a successful, profitable restaurant—but you can overcome those challenges with Focus POS restaurant point of sale (POS) software. Our extensive experience providing restaurant POS solutions has taught us no two businesses are exactly alike, so Focus POS provides you with options that give you the features and functionality you need for your unique operation.

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